Winstagrid – An Instagram-powered screensaver for Windows

Lying in bed the other day, I saw a post from the Barbarian Group – creator of many great infographics and consistently awesome creative stuff – about a new creation of theirs called Screenstagram, an Instagram-driven screensaver. Needless to say, Screenstagram was instantly given a home on my MBP where it will most likely stay for life. However, that’s the only Mac in my house at the moment (and it’s rarely left open), and I really wanted the same wonderful mosaic to grace the screen of my desktop every day. But sadly, Screenstagram is Mac only, so I was just about to forget about the idea when I realized this would be a pretty good test of how much my coding chops have improved over the course of my relatively short career. The product of such a test? Winstagrid – the Instagram-drive screensaver for windows.

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Google Nexus S Challenge: Androids at Work (Updated)

Last Thursday, a friend told me about Google’s Nexus S challenge. The puzzle questions were fun and interesting, but challenge #3 caught the attention of my imagination and wouldn’t let go. I ran my idea for an Android-manned Nexus S construction site by a few other people and the response was too good to not run with it. I’ve been fighting lately with my tendency to not follow through on good ideas, and I was determined to see this one through to the end. My wonderful wife reluctantly agreed to go along with my plan, and by Saturday night I was up to my elbows in gingerbread dough. The whole process has been very enlightening – I’ve never done anything like this with food – but it was a blast and a great way to spend time with (and test the patience of) my family. Alright, I’m done. I’ll let the pictures & timelapse say the rest:


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A notice to everyone…

[Originally posted on Variable Interests, my tumblog.]
Dear World,

I’m going to try everything. Yes, everything. And that’s okay.

Go on, tell me I’m wrong; tell me to stick to one thing and become an expert at it. Just let this serve as a warning: I’m going to laugh at you.

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