Winstagrid – An Instagram-powered screensaver for Windows

Lying in bed the other day, I saw a post from the Barbarian Group – creator of many great infographics and consistently awesome creative stuff – about a new creation of theirs called Screenstagram, an Instagram-driven screensaver. Needless to say, Screenstagram was instantly given a home on my MBP where it will most likely stay for life. However, that’s the only Mac in my house at the moment (and it’s rarely left open), and I really wanted the same wonderful mosaic to grace the screen of my desktop every day. But sadly, Screenstagram is Mac only, so I was just about to forget about the idea when I realized this would be a pretty good test of how much my coding chops have improved over the course of my relatively short career. The product of such a test? Winstagrid – the Instagram-drive screensaver for windows.

So without further rambling – download it here:

Title : Winstagrid
Caption :
File name :
Size : 15 kB

To install it, extract the Zip archive, right click Winstagrid.scr, and click Install.

(You’re going to need at least the .Net framework 4 client profile (read: tiny version) to run this… if you don’t have it [or got an error message trying to run the screensaver] get it here.)

A few notes:
#1. I really hope I’m not stepping on any toes here. I realize the Barbarian Group has put a lot of work into this project, and I certainly don’t wish to take any of the credit for the idea. In fact, I can’t even take too much credit for the execution, since I’m using jonezy‘s instagrammer .Net Instagram API wrapper and Frank McCown‘s screensaver blueprint. (Big thanks to both of them!) So, if I happen to be crushing any of your phalanx bones, please let me know in the comments or on twitter and I’ll get things straightened out!

#2. It doesn’t do much yet! Like I said, this thing doesn’t come close to what the Barbarian Group put together. At the moment, it only displays the popular photos feed from Instagram – thats it! I’m going to continue working on it to enable logging in and such, and I hope to have it updated very soon. (And even sooner if it gets popular.)

#3. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Winstagrid – An Instagram-powered screensaver for Windows

  1. Joel says:

    #4. ???
    #5. PROFIT!!!

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